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We're from the Syracuse, NY, area and started dating when we went to BYU-Idaho for college. We were married December 2008 and have a daughter, Sophie. We will be welcoming a new baby in November 2013! We currently live in Mason, Ohio, near lots of family! Drew is working at Liberty Mutual Insurance as an Auto Claims Adjuster. Carissa is now a stay-at-home wife and momma! We know there's more in store for us in our future, and we say, "Come what may and love it!"
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15 April 2009

Theme Night Dinner

It was our last night in the house by ourselves, so we took advantage of it in a yummy way!  We decided to have a Chinese (Hong Kong) night!  Since Drew served a mission in Hong Kong for 2 years, he got to know the food pretty well.  One of the things he cooked for me while we were dating was a Chinese dish (there are versions from other countries as well) called Chicken Curry.  I mentioned doing some sort of dessert, and Drew came up with the idea of doing Egg Tarts, something Drew loved to get from the bakery in Hong Kong and Macau.  So we multi-tasked and made our tarts while our curry melded together.

(Cooking, baking, having a great time!)

(Eating our delicious Curry creation)

(Our Egg Tarts turned out perfectly and Drew was so excited about them since he hadn't had them since he was halfway around the world!)

We had a really great time making food together - we make a great team!  While we were cooking, we listened to Hong Kong radio online.  Since theme night was so last minute, we didn't get a chance to get a Chinese movie, so we watch a documentary called "Young at Heart".  It was cute!  We were thinking we could do this Hong Kong theme night again once the movie "Push" is on DVD and watch that as our end-of-night movie (the whole movie takes place in Hong Kong and is a really awesome movie)!  We had the best experience doing this together, and we're definitely looking forward to more theme nights!

Our First Easter Together

Since the little boys have a week off of school for Spring Break, everyone (Mom, Dad, and boys) took a trip down to Ohio.  So we have had the house to ourselves, and it's been really fun!  Easter was unlike any Easter we've ever had:  we made baskets for each other and hid them, and Drew even did a mini Easter Egg Hunt for me.  It was sweet!

Ok, so I know I look yucky and we look like we just woke up (well... we did), but I wanted to share those "pre-Easter dinner" recipes:
(for the ravioli, I don't like to use parsley to sprinkle over top, I use chopped green onions instead - it ties in well with the green onions in the biscuits)

So after these festivites (where which I look ridiculous... now you all know what I look like in the morning-YIKES!), we got ready, went to church, and came home, when Drew took a nap to rid of his headache.  While Drew rested, I made brownies for my co-workers at Blockbuster that had to work on Easter.  I also made a pan of brownies for the Death by Chocolate I was making for dessert!  As soon as the brownies came out of the oven, I wanted to take them to my co-workers, so I cut them with a plastic knife (no crumbs and cuts through smoothly without picking up the knife from the pan) and took them out to Blockbuster.  When I got back, I threw the Death by Chocolate together (layered in a triffle bowl - brownies, chocolate pudding, Cool Whip - layered twice) then we headed out to Skaneateles to be with the Barrons for Easter dinner.
We had the most delicious dinner, provided by Drew's amazing mother, Sharon.  Honey glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, supreme macaroni and cheese, and corn really "hit the spot"!
I love spending time with the Barrons, and we're so glad that we can be so close to them to see them more often.
We hope everyone's Easter was wonderful and that Spring is treating them well.  As it is tax day, we also hope everyone is stress-free in that aspect.

06 April 2009

Wedding/Reception/Family Photos!

To those who haven't seen them yet, our Wedding and Reception photos are up!  There is a link on the right hand side of the Blog cleverly named "Our Photos"!