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We're from the Syracuse, NY, area and started dating when we went to BYU-Idaho for college. We were married December 2008 and have a daughter, Sophie. We will be welcoming a new baby in November 2013! We currently live in Mason, Ohio, near lots of family! Drew is working at Liberty Mutual Insurance as an Auto Claims Adjuster. Carissa is now a stay-at-home wife and momma! We know there's more in store for us in our future, and we say, "Come what may and love it!"
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16 June 2009

Random Realizations...

Do you ever find yourself realizing something very profound and knowing that it will make all the difference at a certain time? I've had a few of those instances lately...

I've been having a hard time thinking of myself as "just the Blockbuster girl", who isn't going to school and who has to wait until her husband is done with school to even think of moving on with her own schooling. What a terrible way to think! So I've been trying to think more positively about my situation, but really had a wake up call when Drew told me what he tells his co-workers who ask what my plans are. He tells them that I am working right now to help support us until he's out of school, that I'd like to get at least an Associate Degree, but that our goal, once we have a family, is for me to stay at home with our children while he works. I obviously knew that was our goal, but I had a hard time thinking of it in that way. Thanks Drew!

Another "random realization" recently was while I was babysitting 3 beautiful little girls from church while their mom, Tammy Capone, was out. It was an all-day event, and I was totally excited about hanging out with these great little girls! Kate (5), Lauren (3), and Annie (16 months) and I were having fun inside until Lauren suggested that we play outside. So we put on shoes and went out to play with scooters and chalk. Here goes... Baby Annie wants to play with chalk. She was in such a good mood and the other girls were playing with the sidewalk chalk, so it wasn't fair at all to not let Annie have fun just because she'd get dirty. WHOA! Back up a minute... I had just realized that it's way more important for her to be happy than to be clean. "Go ahead, make a mess. If it makes her happy, let her get dirty; she can always be cleaned up afterward." That was such a great thing to realize, especially for the future. It's not as important to be clean as it is for a child to be happy. It was easy enough, when we went inside, I let her eat in that outfit (it was bound to get dirty from mac 'n cheese anyway), and then I changed her before putting her down for a nap. It was wonderful. She was so happy even when I put her down.

I hope to have more and more of these wake up moments to help me through certain points. I know I'll need them!

13 June 2009

So much more than "just a BLOG"

After reading some friends' and family's blogs, I've come to realize that our blog seems a little materialistic; as if the things we DO are the only things I should write about. I'd like to change that from now on. I want to write about things that inspire me, intriguing ideas, and other things of this nature. I hope you'll continue to read and comment and encourage us/me to grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.

11 June 2009

Maxwell Kenneth Aldridge!

He's here, he's here! Kelsey Jo has finally had her baby and she is so relieved! Max was born June 9, 2009, at 5pm, 8 lbs. 6 oz., 20 3/4 inches. He's got lots of dark hair and Kelsey's lips and eyes.
Kelsey's due date was June 3, but Max just wasn't ready to come yet! She waited until the following Monday for her next appointment, and they told her to come back at 8pm that night to be induced. It took quite a few hours, 21 to be exact, until there was a baby in the world!
Our mom is in Washington with Kelsey, Matt, and Max for another week to help care for and bathe Max and to help Kelsey around the apartment.
There are some sweet pictures up above and some more on Facebook, for those who are connected in that aspect.

05 June 2009

Babies, babies, everywhere!

It seems to me that EVERYONE is pregnant.
I am not.
Friends from high school, sisters, women from church, you know the deal. It's baby season!
Just recently, my older sister, Kalin, had a beautiful baby girl, Adelyn (Addie) Nanette Armstrong. She was born May 21, 2009, 19 inches long, 7 lbs. 8 oz. Kalin had quite an experience with this one... If you would like to read about it, go to She wrote all about it! There are also beautiful pictures of her new little girl with big brother Dean. So sweet!

As for another baby in the family... my sister Kelsey is also prego and was due on June 3. She had a Dr. appointment that day to see if she could be induced, but little Max just isn't ready to come out yet! My mom is in Washington spending time with Kelsey until she is ready to have the baby and will be there for another week and a half. I am so glad that she is an expert at caring for newborns! I am definitely going to need her when I have a baby (which, for those who are wondering, won't be for at least another year...)!
So Kelsey is anxiously and sleeplessly awaiting her little Maxwell Kenneth Aldridge's arrival. It's number one for them, so she'll be going crazy once they have him, but that's part of parenting isn't it?
That's it for now... more updates once I've got another nephew!