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We're from the Syracuse, NY, area and started dating when we went to BYU-Idaho for college. We were married December 2008 and have a daughter, Sophie. We will be welcoming a new baby in November 2013! We currently live in Mason, Ohio, near lots of family! Drew is working at Liberty Mutual Insurance as an Auto Claims Adjuster. Carissa is now a stay-at-home wife and momma! We know there's more in store for us in our future, and we say, "Come what may and love it!"
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15 February 2012

Songs for Sophie

I must admit, I haven't been singing to my babe as often as I thought I would, but I think I'm starting to make up for lost time.  I LOVE singing to Sophie.  I don't think I've ever made up so many songs in my life until now; songs with silly rhymes and melodies that don't make any sense or are ripped off from other well-known songs.  Most mornings, Soph wakes up to some version of "good morning, good morning, my sweet little girl" and "it's Sophie's bath time, Sophie loves her bath time" when it's, obviously, time for a bath.
And when I sing in church, I do it for my Soph.
I hope Sophie learns how much her Momma loves music and singing.  Drew and I want to instill a love of music into all of our children; it's something we have always talked about when talking about our children's futures.  Music is such a beautiful way to express emotion.  It is how I best share my testimony of Jesus Christ, express love to my husband and daughter, find comfort.
I hope I always find joy in singing to my little ones!  I will always try to do my best to bring music into their lives... hopefully they'll still love music, even after hearing my many renditions of songs at the changing table.

04 February 2012

2 month photo sample

Leslie Leavitt, our wonderful friend from church and aspiring photographer, wanted to get some more photos of our dear Sophie to help build her portfolio and gain experience.  We are so glad she asked us to help!  Her photography is contemporary and beautiful!  Thanks Leslie!

More of Leslie's work can be seen at her website/blog:  Leslie Leavitt Photography