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We're from the Syracuse, NY, area and started dating when we went to BYU-Idaho for college. We were married December 2008 and have a daughter, Sophie. We will be welcoming a new baby in November 2013! We currently live in Mason, Ohio, near lots of family! Drew is working at Liberty Mutual Insurance as an Auto Claims Adjuster. Carissa is now a stay-at-home wife and momma! We know there's more in store for us in our future, and we say, "Come what may and love it!"
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27 February 2010

A day with Little Rich

Saturday was my good friend's birthday, so I decided to make her go out with her hubby for the day and leave her darling baby boy in our care!
I was eager for Caity to bring her baby over to us... so much so that I ran to the door and exclaimed, "Baby, baby, baby!" when they rang the doorbell. :) Once we were alone with the baby, Drew and I had the BEST time with Rich ("Little Rich" according to Mom and Dad, since Daddy's name is also Rich)! We played with him, and fed him, watched him sleep peacefully, (and changed his diaper 3 times), and had a wonderful time! We're pretty much pros by now. Eight hours with that little guy got us mighty attached and we were feelin' the baby blues when he left.
Needless to say, we took MANY photos! Take a look:

Rich fell asleep almost immediately when he came over

He hated that bottle...

So sweet!!

Happy little boy!

20 February 2010

One year older and (wiser?) SILLIER too!

Happy Birthday to me!
I am officially 22 years old! My birthday was one of the best days I've had in awhile, and I think Drew enjoyed it too!
Friday, February 19, was my birthday, and since it was a school day I had to go to work. Before work, though, Drew wanted me to open my gifts from him. He got me a Sign Language book (I have been wanting to learn for quite awhile) and a BYU-Idaho zip-up hoody! Work was actually really good! My name was on the morning announcements because it was my special day, my co-workers harmonized a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday", we had a taco salad potluck and cupcakes for lunch, and my student was so sweet to me (as always I must say)! She even made me a card! :)
My boss said it would be okay for me to scoot out early and get a substitute for the last 2 hours of school. So I left early, leaving the easiest part of the day to the sub, and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with my wonderful husband!
Drew had everything planned out for the day, and I was so excited to go along with those plans!
First, we went to a 3:10 movie in Idaho Falls... Avatar in 3-D again! :) I was so pampered; Drew asked me if I wanted anything to snack on, and of course I did! We got the works!
After the AWESOME movie, we headed back to Rexburg to get some Thai food! We have this really good little Thai restaurant on Main Street... we had been there before and loved it, so I knew that's where I wanted to eat on my birthday! I had the same thing as last time: Pineapple Curry Duck, red Thai curry with pineapple, peppers, tomatoes, basil, and duck. So yummy! Drew had half of a crispy duck with Thai sweet and sour sauce. It was spicy but delicious (I tried a little)!
After dinner, Drew took me over to our friends' home! Dello, Bethany, Dave (Drew's brother), their friend Kristen, and her sister Emily, were all there to celebrate! We had Texas sheet cake and ice cream and had a great time together!
We finally went home and found a bag of cookies on our doorstep! I later found out that my friend Caity had left them for me. We wound our night down by watching some episodes of 24.
We cuddled and read together, and finally went to sleep... for longer than expected!
What a wonderful 22nd birthday! Who cares if I'm getting older... no one could ever take the kid out of me...! :)

17 February 2010

Our Valentine Weekend...

Our Valentine's Day weekend was very eventful! Saturday, the day before V-Day, we had the chance to get out and get some things accomplished. We spent the whole day together! :)
Sunday was absolutely amazing! We were blessed to have Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles preside and speak at a special stake meeting (in place of our regular church meetings). Elder Cook came to Rexburg for a leadership training and then chose our stake to visit. The meeting was wonderful! Our stake president spoke, as well as President Clark, the president of BYU-Idaho, and Sister and Elder Cook. Everyone's message came to two key points: we need to strengthen our testimonies and we need to make our homes more gospel centered. What a wonderful message!
Valentine's Day just happened to be Chinese New Year (which Drew thought was cool since he lived in Hong Kong for 2 years) so we decided to have a Chinese-themed Valentine's Day dinner!

Drew did the dishes beforehand so we could have something to cook with :)

Our "first course" - Egg Drop Soup, YUM!
Our main: honey and soy sauce marinated pork with pork fried rice

We had some fun with the camera... there are a lot more where this came from!

We stayed up late watching movies! Then at 1am (no longer the Sabbath!) we went to the gas station to get hot chocolate and snacks to watch another movie (we're so bad)! We had a blast! We love our late-night adventures together.
Valentine's Day 2010 was a great one!

08 February 2010


It's been over a month since I last updated! I'll try to not let that happen again...
We've been working and going to school. Nothing fantastic. We call it the "uzhe" (the usual). I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but my intelligent hubby is taking 21 credit hours! He's nuts! Fortunately, he's been keeping up with the course load and still has time to spend with me (he's probably SUPERMAN).
Speaking of Superman, I am OBSESSED with Smallville lately! (We got rid of our cable because we were mindlessly watching TV whenever we were home... so we got Netflix!) Now we only watch DVDs, our own, and our TV shows that we get in the mail. We try to keep the TV as a "night only" thing, so as to allow us wind down before bed. It's really nice.
So we have been getting Smallville and 24 in the mail lately. We're hooked! Another one I'm hooked on (online) is Glee! It's adorable; everything my favorite show would be: singing, drama, romance. I love it!
Please don't worry too much about us, though. We only watch these shows when we are winding down for the night... a nice way to relax.
I think that's about all that's exciting for us these days. The middle school job is same old, same old. Drew isn't working at Western Wats anymore. His course load plus a job was getting to be too much for him.
OH! I've been going to Zumba classes on campus. They're fun and I get a great workout! I'm also starting back up on my own Weight Watchers kick. I'm actually eating breakfast, taking Lean Cuisines for lunches, trying to cook light for dinner, and drinking only water. It feels good! Drew goes to work out while I'm in my fitness classes. Yay for getting in shape!
Well, I think I'll leave this as is. More updates another time!